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Aphid problem on roses


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Does anybody have any ideas of how to get rid of aphids on roses, without using really harsh chemicals? The aphids seem to cluster around the developing buds (including on the actual budding flower) rather than all over the stems. If chemicals are the only answer, can anybody recommend animal friendly ones (we have lots of cats in our neighbourhood). Thanks.

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The only spray we ever use (not admittedly on roses. I only spray them with weedkiller) is Horticultural soft soap. This is made from nautral plant extracts and is reasonably harmless to other goodies like ladybirds and bees.

27 Apr, 2008


This might not appeal but I just wipe them off with my fingers. You could also get the hose out and spray them off (gardeners world tip) or if you don't have any lady birds you can buy them from greengardener. I have a large Pampas that ladybirds over winter in but only have a problem early in the season; then the ladybirds make short work of them. Attracting birds to the garden also helps. I have some lovely David Austin roses that do really well every year without the use of chemicals. I am very much into organic gardening as I grow my own veg.


27 Apr, 2008


You could put a drop of washing up liquid/water in a sprayer and spray them - seems to work on the first few at the beginning of the season.

27 Apr, 2008


encorage the common house sparrow by feeding them, they will shift green fly and ladybirds, I often see my roses having a good shaking, but never meny greenfly,

22 Jan, 2010

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