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Anybody recommend a garden shredder? I've about 30m of privet that causes problems when it comes to getting rid of the clippings.Could I shred and compost them?



I would certainly recommend using a shredder. Our two gardens are edged primarily by hedges: beech, hazel, privet, leylandii, holly. The alternatives to shredding would be the municipal composter or burning, what a waste!
I prefer to shred almost all our clippings, some are reserved for protecting plants ( pyracantha and holly are useful here) and some for supporting ( peas, lanky perennials and sweet peas until they can scrabble up the supports) but the rest is used as mulch or composted at home.
As for which shredder, I wouldn't like to advise. We bought two, one for each garden, both through Ebay. No doubt 'Which' have done a report on shredders, a browse through that may be useful, and temper some personal recommendations.
May I wish you Happy Shredding :-)

27 Apr, 2008


i saw a hedge trimmer on qvc earlier that looked ideal - it shreds as it trims and collects all the bits into an attached container or bag.
it is called "Garden Groom Multifunctional 500w Hedge Trimmer with Collection Container" if you look on qvc website for this item there is a demo you can watch

27 Apr, 2008


I've brought one this year again mainly for hedging cuttings - I looked all around and was amazed at the cost - the most reasonable was one from Wickes £59 where as even Argos was into the £139... range. It seems to work fine with thick rose stems.

27 Apr, 2008


Hi Phil nice to see you able to communicate without trying to send dubious video files.never did get to see it did it end happily? My recommendation would be to to buy the best you can afford. With the strongest motor the most blades Electric shredders fine for privet but I ve always needed to shred much thicker stems and sure you will in future.My shed littered with cheap gardening equipment.In my experience buy cheap buy several times.

27 Apr, 2008

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