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Hanging ferns

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I have a large patio on the south side of my house. My wife and I are wanting to hang several ferns around the patio, but with it facing the south, with not much (if any) shade, I'm worried about there being too much sun for the ferns to survive. We are wanting to hang at least 6 large ferns (sorry but not sure of which kind), but don't want the expense if they will not survive! Any suggestions, tips, or advice would be appreciated. We are open to any other ideas for hanging in place of the fern, but prefer them. Please advise! Thanks, ms



I don't know of any ferns that enjoy sun and heat, I'm afraid. They enjoy shade and moisture. I am away from home and my gardening books so I can't look up the names for you, but there are a number of silver-leaved trailing plants that might interest you instead. They do like sun so would be better in your situation.

27 Apr, 2008


I agree with Spritz, I'm afraid. If you want foliage rather than flowers, there are several trailing foliage plants available - have a brows at your local garden centre.

29 Apr, 2008

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