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Fern identification
Bought this fern 2 years ago but have lost the label, could anyone tell me what variety it is please.

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Dryopteris affinis Cristata 'the king'

3 Dec, 2009


Thankyou very much Plug will write that down before I forget :-)

3 Dec, 2009


I've got this in my fern area - too late to tell you its name - Plug got there first! :-))))

3 Dec, 2009


Its a lovely one isn't it Spritzhenry, just about to google it as could have sworn last year it died back in winter, but can't for the life of me remember, doesn't show any signs at the minute, so off to google :-)

3 Dec, 2009


I think it is officially semi evergreen, pic here

I see you like big bold plants, a nice fern for you would be Blechnum chilense

The BPS is a good society to join for fern info

3 Dec, 2009


Thanks for the info Plug, just googled Blechnum chilense, thats a beauty up to 6ft tall too, my sort of plant lol, I think I know what to ask for for christmas now :-), just getting round to planting a few ferns and woodland plants in our small wooded area this one would suit the conditions brilliantly so thanks again :-)

4 Dec, 2009


If you haven't got one by spring let me know and I'll send you a chunk :-)

4 Dec, 2009


Very kind of you Plug, may take you up on that, thanks very much, anything of mine you fancy let me know :-)

4 Dec, 2009

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