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Stoney soil

Any recommendations for shrubs or plants which grow in very stoney ground. We have just taken down a shed which was on a concrete base - my husband has wrestled with breaking up the concrete but there is still a large amount of stones in the 'soil' left behind - any suggestions please as we are not very 'greenfingered' or knowledgeable!! Thanks



What zone are you in? Is the area shade or sun? Type of soil? In my experience cussing at concrete does not help at all.... you have to outwit it!

27 Apr, 2008


It gets sun most of the day through a latticed fence - we are on very chalky soil

27 Apr, 2008


Very challenging! In those situations what grows wild (indigenous) in your area is the safest plant to choose. Your problem will be water - concrete and chalky soil will drain away rain. So ask local County Agent or nursery for drought resistant indigenous plants. Tell them you want to Xeriscape the area - they will know what you are talking about. Remember that sedges (grasses) can cover concrete easily, easy to care for. You may only need 2-3 different types of plants, just plant in "patches" to cover the area. Also, a few large pots of good soil, set into the area, will allow pretty flowers amid the chalk/concrete

29 Apr, 2008

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