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By Alextb

London, England Eng

I need help with my bush rose. Recently, y#the rose started flowering for its second year, and the flowers appeared to be coming out very pale yelloe (almost white), but I thought, that maybe they would darken with age.

My problem is that I had a load of buds appear, byt now the buds are all dying. Does anyone have any idea why this may be happeneing, and how to stop this?

Any advice or help greatly appreciated.

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From what I can see in the pictures, this is a case of classic rain balling - some roses are particularly susceptible to this. Rain on the buds, particularly excessive rain, means they go brown and 'ball up', meaning they don't open. Dead head them, or take the flowers off, and hope the weather improves when the next lot of buds arrives.

8 Jun, 2012


Thanks for the speedy reply Bamboo. Thanks, will deadhead right now.

8 Jun, 2012


This is so upsetting when it happens and this year we have had a lot of rain.

8 Jun, 2012


If you ever want another yellow bush rose which doesn't suffer from this problem, buy one called Korresia.

8 Jun, 2012


So far, a dreadful year for roses.

Mine are all suffering. A couple look exactly the same as yours, the rest are just putting out small buds and waiting for a bit of sun.

Hopefully, things will brighten very soon, if not.., well, only another year till summer!

9 Jun, 2012


Do you remember a song by a chap called Elvis Costello, many years ago? It sang "It was a good year for the roses".

9 Jun, 2012

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