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Can I plant raspberry canes now?

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I know you are supposed to plant raspberry canes in the Autumn but can I plant them now on the understanding that we won't obviously get fruit this year?



I would say that you can. The shops and garden centres here are filled with them. Go for ones in pots rather than ones with roots in bags of compost. Plants sold in pots can be planted in the garden anytime. And, depending on weather this year, you never know about fruiting...............Good Luck!

23 Apr, 2008


My experience is that you can even plant Raspberry canes on a hot summers day. - I discovered one day that my father had dug up lots of rasp. canes in full leaf and with lots of buds on them, so I put them in a large plastic bag and took them home. I planted them immediately and gave them lots of water for the next few days. I just cut the top 3 or 4 inches off each one. They did survive, and even produced some fruit that year, and actually did well for the next 20 years that I lived there. I now have some of the same plants in my present garden.
I love raspberries, they are my favourites.
Good luck with yours!

24 Apr, 2008

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