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Weeds on vegetable plot.


By 120938

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Is there anything to put on a vegetable plot to stop weeds growing between vegetables.Massses of little weeds keep coming up.When the soil is dug over in the winter it seems weed free.



I would imagine most of them are annuals , if the veg are spaced wide enough draw a hoe through the weeds cutting them from their roots this should get rid of most of em , then in a week pull the rest , you can put black plastic or weed membrane down next year and plant through it ,this will help

22 Apr, 2009


He hoe, he hoe... yup hoe them out as Maccrimmon says... job for tomorrow :-)

22 Apr, 2009


Unfortunately, this happens when soil is disturbed...weed seeds enjoy it and germinate! Not only in veggie plots, either!

22 Apr, 2009


The weeds wait until weather is warm enough. If you prepare the surface as if for seed sowing The weeds germinate and a ligfht hoeing or weedkilling leaves the surface almost weed free, you then sow your seeds a liuttle late but nearly weed free once up. Known as the stale seedbed treatment.

22 Apr, 2009


A friend of mine uses old carpets to keep the weeds down between rows of veggies. I would image tho that that provides a home for slugs, so you'd need to lift them up and check every now and then.

23 Apr, 2009

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