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well - drained soil

London, United Kingdom Gb

I have been looking into what sort of plants and flowers we might want in our garden.
Well - drained soil keeps cropping up - what does this mean?
Sorry for the dumb questions never gardened before.

Thank you! :o)
So what do I do, i have clay soil.



it means that after a downpour the water runs through it and doesnt stay in puddles. if it retains some water it is said to be moist, if it holds stacks it is watterlogged.
the plant needs some air in the soil to provide the roots with oxygen.
there is no such thing as a dumb question so you keep asking. thats how we all learnt things. :o)

21 Apr, 2009


the way i understand it is that its soil that doesnt get water logged. clay soil would not well drain as it hold the water. thats just i think of it dont know if its right. pots for example i put a layer of pebbles or stone in the bottom and ensure plenty of drainage holes so the water can drain out.

21 Apr, 2009


Our soil, sandy/loam with much added humus is free draining to the point that a few hours after it has rained and stopped the surface can look quite dry again. Fortunately if you poke down a little bit you find it is nicely damp and this keeps the plants happy. Sitting with water round their necks is not good as they can start to rot.

21 Apr, 2009


Well drained means that water is not retained in the soil, although the soil should remain moist. Living in London I would expect there to be a lot of clay in your soil and so this could mean that it is not well drained. If this is the case then it may be beneficial to either dig plenty of grit into the soil or to make raised flower beds and fill them with a well drained compost.

21 Apr, 2009


hi dannielle,
we have 'well drained' soil and can only grow plants that like this condition. if we dig down , for every bucket of soil, we get another of stones.but there are a lot of plants that like moister conditions and a chat with your local garden centre would help identify which are suitable for your conditions.

21 Apr, 2009


Fox gloves do well in clay I also find some primulas like it too.

21 Apr, 2009


Many primulas like very moist conditions but not a clay soil...

22 Apr, 2009

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