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How do I care for a damaged asplenium?

Wales, United Kingdom

I have an asplenium, the leaves of which were damaged by too much heat (I kept it on a windowsill, which is unfortunately located over a radiator). I have moved it to a shadier location, cut off brown leaves and was wondering if there is anything else I can do besides feeding & misting the leaves (I water it once a week) to help it blossom...

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it is a fern so it wont produce blossom. sorry . but you are doing the right thing to keep it growing well. It will actually survive in a shady garden too. I have several in mine.

21 Apr, 2009


Mine lives in our north east facing bathroom which means it gets misted/steamed regularly. The Birds Nest Fern really does like cool damp conditions.

21 Apr, 2009

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