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Lawn Encroaching

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How can I get rid of the grass that keeps wanting to grow over my lily plants without hurting the lilies?



One simple way would be to weed them but maybe you don't want to hear that.Lol.

I would rather weed the area than use any chemicals myself but then that's just my personal preference. Maybe others will come along and give you much better

21 Apr, 2008


It depends on what type of grass it is - if it's lawn grass that is encroaching, then cut the edges back a little. If it's annual grass, then weed carefully with a trowel. If you have couch grass then that really is a problem. I have it, and am told that the only sure way of getting rid of it is to dig out the plants it is growing through and pot them up, (in my case, Saxifrage and Osteospermum), get rid of every scrap of couch grass and then replant the plants back in the clean soil. You obviously can't use weedkiller on this horrible stuff and its roots are deep and wide.

21 Apr, 2008


Depends on which type of Iris you have and how bad it is . I think Spritzhenry is right after flowering take them out clean the ground and replant, some irises appreciate this, depending on which you have.

22 Apr, 2008

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