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splitting up shrubs

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Can you separate shrubs into more plants when they are still flowering, such as primroses

On plant wild primrose



Hi Felicia if it was me I would wait until the plant has finished flowering as at the moment all the plant's energy is going into the flowers and if you do split them now you may loose out on the flower display.

Like yourself I'm going to divide my primroses but will wait until after they have finished flowering as they are putting on such a marvelous show at the

21 Apr, 2008


watched gardeners world last friday - and they said its best to split cowslip etc after finishing flowering - i think helofadigger's reply was spot-on


21 Apr, 2008


It is best to split after flowering .but if you forget, don't worry split them late Autumn. By the way ,they are hardy perennials not shrubs, sorry to appear pedantic, but if you are new to gardening as I was once, it does help if you use the right names, the best advice I was ever given was to try to remember the latin names, gets more difficult as on e gets older!!!!

22 Apr, 2008


Thank you Hel and others for your good advice, have a little gardening knowledge, but trying to learn about wild plants, which as we know, once they get started its pretty easy!
Another question - am still using an incinerator for leaves and twigs, as I dont't have enough room to make more than one wood pile for insects. Is it still legal to burn this before 7 pm.Have a small area for rotting veg, fruit etc.Felicia. x

23 Apr, 2008


I bought a magic carpet japanese spirea and am wondering if this is something that can be split. Thanks

26 May, 2008

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