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Hello .. what plant .. Updated pics

Barry ... Vale of Glamorgan, United Kingdom Gb


I`ve saved this pot from my daughters garden ... could you please say what the plant is .... many thx peter
Ps: i think Peony maybe
Pics have been updated .... pp

Img_0048 2



I think you're right.

10 Mar, 2012



Its very early for peony to show any leaves IF it has been kept out side
I would love a birds eye view of this
The leaves and shoot look like a BLACKBERRY
Be intresting to see what the others say you are only down the coast from me as well

Gnarly G

10 Mar, 2012


i thought angellica-ish
doesnt look like any paeony I have starting into growth at the moment.

10 Mar, 2012


Not like what my peony leaves looked like ,not too sure what it could be.

10 Mar, 2012


Not peony and, possibly, a weed.

10 Mar, 2012


Our peonies are showing their first leaves but this is not one. Begonia? Fatsia? Don't know.

10 Mar, 2012


My peonies are starting to grow and don't look anything like this. I agree with Moon grower - I think it's a weed!

10 Mar, 2012


Thumbs up Sheila!

10 Mar, 2012


Peonies would have leaves in pairs. Brambles would have the leaves coming on one at a time. I can't quite see which one this one is doing! : )

11 Mar, 2012


Not the best photos to work with (please don't take offence), but I'm wondering whether it may be one of the Impatiens family............

11 Mar, 2012


what about the variegated form of ground elder? Sold as a garden plant as it is less thuggish [apparently] than the all green one.

11 Mar, 2012


I certainly withdraw my Impatiens with these photos!

11 Mar, 2012


Stil don't think it is a peony ours produce rather more than one shoot which looks very pinkish red and each shoot them produces leaflets which at first look reddish then turn a dark green. Sorry still looks like a weed to me!

11 Mar, 2012


Many thx for all the comments .... Time will tell ... thx again peter

12 Mar, 2012


In my garden today the trollius [globe flower] is showing its new leaves and they are not dissimilar to this. they have a reddish ste , like yours and the veination and shape of the leaf is like yours.
if it is its a nice plant.

17 Mar, 2012


Thx Seaburn ... fingers crossed then ... peter

18 Mar, 2012

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