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I have bought the enviromesh I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.
Now, my next question is:
What do people use to make supports for fleece, netting etc? I don't really want to buy ready made supports, they're so expensive. I'm sure someone must have a good idea to use something inexpensive? I have thought of plastic piping, wire...



If you are buying then galvanised wire of a suitable thickness is probably best. Not spending money - wire coat hangers (if such things still exist), flexible branches eg willow, etc.

10 Mar, 2012


Bamboo sticks, looped bamboo sticks, few feet of chicken wire made into a tunnel shape, old piping from children's plastic wendy houses, frame of old mini greenhouse (just taken mine to the dump) pea sticks or branches trimmed off old shrubs, the list is endless.

10 Mar, 2012



11 Mar, 2012

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