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Using pregnant horse manure


By Edtam

United States Us

I have been told not to use pregnant horse manure on my vegetable garden. Does anyone have any info on why or why not ?



Well, seeings nobody else has had a bash at answering your question.... To be honest, I've never heard this before. It is true however that the urine of pregnant horses is extremely high in oestrogen and farms exist to collect the urine for use in producing HRT treatment for menopausal women. It is a cruel practice which involves mares being made to stand in the same position for months on end, unable to turn or lie down. They are fed very dry food to encourage them to drink more water, their bones become weak through lack of excercise and their foals are removed before they are fully weaned. Most of hte thousands of foals end up going for meat, along with any of the mares that have become barren. To a horse lover like myself, this is an abhorant practice. However, back to the point, any manure has to be THOROGHLY rotted down before it is put on the veggie patch and I would have thought that the rotting process would sort out any hormone influences present. I also know that horses have very inefficient digestive systems that fail to remove much goodness from their food, making their manure really good for the garden. In short, I'd use it! Hope this helps.

20 Apr, 2008


omg sarah, i never knew that happens. its horrible.

21 Apr, 2008


O NO :( Iv a lump in my throat Sarah How Awful is this, How can they get away with such Cruelty?I used to keep ponys 2 when younger & it hurts like hell knowing this is goin on :(

21 Apr, 2008


I am glad I don't take HRT - if I did, that would make me stop! UGH. Why doesn't somebody make a chemical version? Must be possible.

21 Apr, 2008


same here spritz, i am sooooooo glad i didnt go on it and yes you would imagine in this day an age it would be possible to make a chemical version.

21 Apr, 2008


Yes, there are herbal alternatives (see and they are slowly becoming more popular, especially since studies have shown horse-HRT to cause health problems to the women taking it. See for more info on the use of horses in HRT. I don't think there are any HRT farms in the UK - they all seem to be based in Canada and USA. I think that most women are not aware of the process behind their pills :-(

22 Apr, 2008

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