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can i plant them now-april/may

bristol, United Kingdom Gb

i have just bought an order of tulips and daffodil bulbs can i plant them now and will i get them to flower next spring if i plant them now



If you have just bought the bulbs now then the only thing you can do is to plant them. First of all pick up one of the bulbs from each batch and squeeze it quite hard with your fingers. If it is firm and solid like a pebble then the bulbs should be OK. If it is soft or if it collapses then the bulb is dead. I say this because this is a most unusual time of year for anyone to be selling bulbs and I wonder where they came from? Narcissus and tulips are normally bought in the summer and planted by early autumn. Unless, of course, you have a source in New Zealand where it is now late summer - I am not trying to be funny, this could be possible. If the bulbs are firm and alive then they should flower as normal next spring.

9 Apr, 2009


Yes, generally daffs shoud be October,andTulips,in November,if you have to lift them each year. if not leave them in the ground each year.


9 Apr, 2009


when you say you have bought an order, do you mean placed and paid for but not got them? if this is the case they will probably be posted to you late summer. some companies are already advertising spring bulbs for next spring 2010.

9 Apr, 2009

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