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re is this tree a lemon?

Somewhere in Rural Monmouthshire, United Kingdom Gb

heres my long standing lemon tree that I have had for about 7 years. OK why has it never had a lemon? I seem to remember someone telling me that there are male and female and I had a male or the kind that dont grow fruit. whats the point of that?????? pls put me out of my lemonless misery




dont know why yours hasnt had lemons. has it flowered? If yes then there is a failing in pollination. Next time it gets flowers take a paintbrush and collect the pollen and brush it on the next flowers. the flowers are male and female. It could be that it is too cold for it. Have you fed it recently? Mine never lost its leaves until my mum let it die :o(
hope this helps. i am sure other GoY members will be able to help/

9 Apr, 2009


Its never had flowers

10 Apr, 2009


I get new bright green leaves every year and even out it in my polyshed over winter but i read they are suppossed to be quite hardy but alas not a single flower

10 Apr, 2009


give it a feed and see if that makes a difference. I never had it in an unheated place over winter so perhaps thats why mine flowered as it kept its leaves so there was more resources for it to make flowers.

10 Apr, 2009

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