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olive tree resuscitation


By James25

United Kingdom Gb

We have a two year old Olive tree who has recently come to live in an English kitchen after its first years in the south of France. However, recently the leaf tips have started to turn brown before the entire leaf wilts and dies. The remaining 'healthy' leaves seem to be particularly brittle.

It is a well maintained tree, watered weekly with an adequate amount, planted in a correctly sized pot, sitting in front of a large patio window with plenty of light and regularly pruned.

Its name is Jean Paul. I would appreciate any help in saving our french thinker/ olive tree.

Thank you.

On plant Olea europaea



Hi James,
It may be very dry around the tree at times when you are cooking.
Place some small pebbles over the earth area of the pot. A feed will help soften the leaves. You may be in a hard water area.

25 Mar, 2009


Couldn't resist -
I'm sure Jean-Paul is having some kind of existentialist crisis. All he needs is reassurance and talking through things. Try inviting a travelling theatre troupe into your kitchen for the performance of an obscure play, or Plan B, surround him with onions/garlic, baguettes and bikes, and play him some accordeon music.
Or some Edith Piaf? He should have no regrets.

25 Mar, 2009


Wicked, wicked Weeding! LOL

25 Mar, 2009



25 Mar, 2009


Possibly you may have over watered Jean-Paul. He always struck me as a bit depressing., So I am sure Weeding has got the right idea.

25 Mar, 2009

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