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Why is my Olea europaea losing its leaves


By Valandy

Cumbria, United Kingdom

My daughter bought it for me for christmas and every day it sheds more leaves. I tried it in a corner of my dining room, then an unused bedroom and now by a large west facing window on the stairs

On plant Olea europaea



It could just be shock - and to be honest, I don't think you are giving it a chance to settle by moving it around. They prefer to have full light and not too warm, so a cool conservatory or your coolest room would be the best place.

Good luck with it - I hope it settles down.

10 Jan, 2009


plants bought at this time of year have very often been kept in computer controled perfect conditions.

they are then shipped to the shops. on boats and planes. sometimes during the journey the plant has to cope with darknes, freezing conditions, and drought.

so by the time we get them they have had too much. so i think Spritz is right give it the spot with the most sun and cool temp and fingers crossed it will recover.

10 Jan, 2009


They are not really happy indoors unless you have a large conservatory. I have one outside in a pot, up against a sunny wall and it is still great even after the freezing temps we've been having. A couple of years ago, the whole head was snapped off by heavy snow but it soon sprouted again in spring and is growing every year. It even has tiny fruits but the summers are not long enough to to swell them up into anything useable. After this cold snap ends, start to harden it off, very gradually, only a couple of hours outside to start with. Then after 3 or 4 weeks building up it's hardiness leave it out next to a sunny south facing wall. Water sparingly until spring, then keep it moist all the time. Good luck.

11 Jan, 2009

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