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What soil and how deep should Crinum powelli bulbs be planted?

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I've been given four Crinum powelli and I was thinking of growing them in big pots. What soil do I need and how deep should I plant the bulbs. Any other information or growing tips would be gratefully received

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The bulbs should be planted with the neck just above soil level. All the information I've been able to find suggests that these aren't too fussy about soil, so a decent potting compost should be fine. The only other hint is that these grow best if the roots are restricted, so don't make the pots too big. I haven't grown these myself, but having looked at photographs, I think I may give them a go, too!

25 Mar, 2009


I planted 2 of these in pots on Monday. I used multi-purpose compost with a bit of perlite and Osmocote.

I don't know what temperatures they can tolerate though.

25 Mar, 2009

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