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Hi new to GOY, Tiny Seeds

Victoria, Australia

Can anyone tell me what is the best way to plant tiny seeds, l sprinkle them but they fall in clumps and if they are dark seeds very difficult to try and separate, must be an easier way than using tweezers. :)



Welcome to this site, Patientwings. When I have fine seed to sow I empty the packet into the palm of my left hand (I am right handed) and then with the side of my left hand over the pot I tap the hand with the finger ends of my right hand. This encourages the seeds to migrate over my palm and off the edge of my hand into the pot. I slowley move my left hand across the pot so that the seed is evenly broadcast. Make sure that you sow thinly and don't feel that you have to use the whole packet on one pot, there is often far more than you need.
My wife is looking at me strangely as I sit at the keybaord tapping my hand and trying to describe what I am doing!
Get some fine, dry sand and practice 'sowing' this over a piece of paper before you try with real seed.

25 Mar, 2009


Thankyou Bulbaholic, that seems easy enough, l will practice with sand, lol, l can imagine, actually while l was reading your comment l as practicing tapping my left hand too...:) very funny.

25 Mar, 2009


Maybe in Auss. you have to use the opposite hand :-0)

25 Mar, 2009


lol, yes l will try that too....:)

25 Mar, 2009


A light dusting of talcum powder on your hands with the seeds helps you to see where they have landed on the compost. Or you can mix the seed with fine sand and gently sprinkle on. I also have trouble with fine seed and always end up sowing too many in the space I have available then end up throwing them away because I find thinning out a chore. I must learn not to sow too many too close together.

25 Mar, 2009

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