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What is the best way to over winter cannas? Last winter, I waited until the tops were black, cut that down, lifted the tubers and stored them in the garage wrapped in news paper. I lost the lot. Am I better to pot them up and keep them growing ?



I tried that several years ago and lost the lot too! I have overwintered them still in their pots in a frost-free place before and that's the way I shall be going this year. I think I read on here a while ago that if you dig them up to store them, they are better kept in slightly damp compost or sand? I'm sure someone with more knowledge than I will come to your rescue. :o)

8 Nov, 2011


As Nariz has said, keep them in their pots in a frost free place, check that the compost is slightly damp every few weeks. Otherwise dampish compost or sand works well.

Newspapers draw out moisture - good for curing bulbs to store for a few weeks, not good for moisture loving Canna.

8 Nov, 2011


Ah, I had no idea they needed to be kept moist over winter. I have grown them in the garden, not in pots but I can easily pot them up now I know they would be happier that way. I will keep them with my lilies which are in pots that I keep moist. Thanks for the info.

8 Nov, 2011


I keep loosing my Canna, and these days try to over winter in pots but in recent years my only slightly frost free lean-to location has caused some to die. Can one keep them in pots, moist but in the dark (like my warmer garage)? Would they be happier in a central heated house - worried about too much heat over winter?

21 Aug, 2012


Ian - I keep my in my garage (integral so never gets freezing). I find they still get dry in newspapers but dampish sand works well - all came through winter fine.

21 Aug, 2012


I am sooooo envious of you all having warm garages! I have an old house, no central heating and struggle just to keep that warm!

Having followed your advice last year Kildermorie, I am delighted to report a very good success rate of survival last winter. I think the key for me was being told to keep them moist.

21 Aug, 2012


Hi Weedpatch,

How did your Canna do?

Most of mine did well this winter. 1 is looking black as it quickly dried out but is in intensive care on my kitchen windowsill.

21 Feb, 2013

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