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By Spanner

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

hi i allso have 2 canna tropicanna 1 gold 1 red and there nearly dead how do i cut them back



As they dies back cut the dead part off. Treat them as u would a bulb. They are so tough it really doesn't matter too much what u do to them as they grow back so fast, as least in LA they do anyway.

14 Nov, 2010


Spanner, as you're in the UK, which isn't as warm as LA, you have a choice. You can dig up your cannas and store them like dahlia tubers, starting them into growth again in spring, or you can leave them in the ground with a covering of straw or bracken and hope for a less cold winter than last year.

I'm going to do the latter as we're in the south west and our soil is very well drained. If you're in a cold, boggy spot it would be better to dig them up, as I'm told that soggy soils are what kills them off.
My cannas still have flowers on, by the way... :-)

14 Nov, 2010


Canna rhizomes do like more moisture in storage than Dahlia tubers though. I would put them in perforated plastic bags with just a smidgen of moisture in the storage medium--like a half dried out sponge.

17 Nov, 2010

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