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What is it


By Patpat

United Kingdom Gb

Could anyone out there please identify ths plant, thanks.




It is looking healthy, Pat, sure I have seen one before but cannot for the life of me recall its name. Welcome to GoY, and rest assured someone will be along soon who will be more helpful.

11 Apr, 2008


We have a wildflower here in Canada that is remarkably similar, with the mottled leaves. It is called Trout Lily or Adders Tongue (Erythronium americanum) but I don't know if the species is in the U.K. Hope I'm not leading you astray, but I'm sure someone will know for certain.!

11 Apr, 2008


Erythronium it is. Readily available in the Uk. Most likely this is one called Pagoda.

11 Apr, 2008


I've got this - I posted pictures of it only this week! Pretty, isn't it. Welcome to the site, by the way. Nice to meet you.

11 Apr, 2008


You can get different coloured Erythroniums , lovely spring garden plant it is too.

12 Apr, 2008


i have one too lovely plant - does'nt like disturbance,and i agree is defo a Erythronium or 'dog tooth violet' - or is that just the pink ones - not sure but i have mine listed under 'dog tooth violet'

12 Apr, 2008

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