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Bushes ?


By Smokey1

Hants.,, United Kingdom Gb

The side of my house is approx 30 feet in length and looks very bare, no plants etc...I would like to plant some bushes but am unsure about what would be suitable regarding the roots attacking the foundations and brickwork of the house...Please can you suggest a few types of bush, preferably a flowering type....



Hi Smokey

I can understand your concern, but if I might make a suggestion if you are worried about the roots, why not place tubs with shrubs in? You don't say which way the wall is facing, N,S,E or West. How wide is the gap? Is it a path or just bare ground?

I think someone will be along to help you.


10 Apr, 2008


Hi Smokey1 think you ll need to be a little more specific as wide range of plants have different requiremets. Is wall in shade am or pm all day or mostly sunny? Is it an access between houses to a drive or open and easily negotiated . Do you have children or pets some shrubs heavily thorned some poisonous when eaten.Do you know what your soil is like ?
Initially sounds like you need a climbing plant to cover wall possibly evergreen not picking up tons of leaves each autumn.Sorry about all these questions in return you ll get quite a few knowledgable gardeners answering but they ll need to know these things to give most suitable plant for the site and your own needs.

10 Apr, 2008


hello Smokey - I have to agree with Muddy boots and Bonkersbon - more information required for us to give you some ideas, maybe even a photo of the area? The most important queries are as above. I am quite sure that between us we can give you lots of ideas - but please give us some clues first!

10 Apr, 2008


Last year I planted a Hydrangea Petiolaris (climbing hydrangea) next to my house. It is a shady spot since there are other big trees around as well as the house wall. It has grown very well so far. I was surprised because I thought nothing would grow there. I made sure it got watered last summer. It now has some flower buds so I am pleased with it. This could be one suggestion.

11 Apr, 2008


Hi Folks......Sorry for the delay in comming back to you all but the system would not let me log in....I was only allowed in now because I re-registered under a different user name....The house wall in question faces east and gets plenty of sunshine from early am untill approx mid afternoon and is a real sun trap due to there being a hedge approx 6 feet high and is approx 10 feet away from the house wall ...The soil (?) is thick clay.....We have no young children and no pets and the area in question is a dead area meaning it leads to nowhere and apart from cutting the grass it gets very little use...The wife does not want climbers of any sort...Or anything in a pot due to an "active" youth culture in the vicinity.....The Hydrangea Petiolaris sounds okay BUT ?? ....Many thank for your interest Folks...

(ex Smokey1)

12 Apr, 2008


my first thought would be climbing roses! would be good for keeping out any undesirables if you get a nice prickly variety lol - stunning looking and nice smell! and if you check out the David Austin web site quite a lot are disease resistant nowdays, so not as difficult to grow! you can also get tall varieties that don't need to climb! other options i would say Forsythia, bright yellow flowers in spring, easy to keep and can be made into quite a nice dense headge once established. two others i would reccomend for height and interest would be 'Buddleia' and 'Ceanothus' but one problem they need well drained soil so depending on how much work you are prepared to do on your clay soil! if you dig down quite deep and add in some sand or grit you would get away with it - i have 2 ceanothus in clay soil - but i have worked the soil to get away with it. if you want something even easier why not try Cornus (dog wood) - its not evergreen but you do get a bonus in the winter with the colour of the twiggs! - and they will grow in any conditions. well there's a few ideas to get you started!

12 Apr, 2008


Hi Smokey2para no worries check out how many names muddyboots has.Sounds as if your good lady wants low maintenance low fuss plants.Shame no climbers as hydrangea petiolaris would be good they self cling I live in an old cottage with soft sandstone walls and hasnt pulled place down yet.
I would suggest evergreen Viburnums Skimmia Acuba you say the area gets very little use and these are plants that need very little attention keep their leaves all year .

12 Apr, 2008

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