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what to do???

Derbyshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have been to visit my Gran and she has given me this large glass dome, i also have a small glass apple shaped thing and was really wanting some ideas what to plant in them!




Lucky you ! There must be all sorts of plants that will look great grown in these, any that are slow growing and can be grown in a bottle garden such as Pilea, Fittonia, Scindapsus, Peperomia, Dracaenas and Maranta.
Love to see them when you have planted them up.

11 Apr, 2008


Ickledigga sweetie you are indeed a lucky lady although if it was me I would be thinking about doing it into some kind of mosiac garden art piece instead of growing things in it....Ooops I'ave just let the cat out of the bag into what I'll be doing when the weather gets better!

Fear not good lady I'm sure another sane person like Xela will come along and help you out with planting

12 Apr, 2008


Helofadigger - oooo well there's an idea! can't wait to see what you get up!! thanks xela i'll go look up all those plants now!

12 Apr, 2008


succulents and cacti would be good as they like lots of light - the glass will make it stronger, and hotter, as what you will be dealing with is a mini micro climate that will be quite hot, and proberly dry out quite quikly. and they also require very little care and attention - which i would say would be a must in something like this. i would defo avoid anything that requires lots of watering picking over or dead heading, and if you do decide on cacti - i'd go for less prickly vareities, - it may be hard to get them in there without doing yourself an injury. - a good tip for this is to wrap news paper around them when you are planting. why not get some decrative stones/glass pebbles in drifts in the bottom, even some coloured sand and maybe a gravel mulch - will look great and help with drainage! - well theres a few ideas for ya - good luck would love to see the results Ickle.

12 Apr, 2008


Whatever you decide to grow in them, Ickledigga, be careful where you site them .... as Majeekahead says you do not want to create a mini micro climate that the plants do not like. I would think they would be suitable for the bathroom but not in direct sunlight.
Can't wait to see what you do with them :-)

13 Apr, 2008

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