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I have 2 plants in the garden that have been eaten by grass hoppers Cydads and Cordalines what to do now? and how to stop them? do I take all the plants out and get new and different plants?


By Margie

Queensland, Australia Au

I live on the Sunshine Coast in Australia and it is very hot and humid here.
The plants have only been planted for 6mths and are distroyed by these pests.



Hi Margie - have had the same problem up here in the north. I have cut my cordyline back and will just wait and see - it should recover well. My cycad I have just left as is because it's too spiky and huge to attempt any trimming. I used to have chooks and they were great at munching up grasshoppers. I have also seen a remedy mentioned on a gardening website - a concoction of chilli (chilli flakes soaked overnight) and crushed garlic in either diluted paraffin oil or soapy water sprayed on the plants - I was going to try!

22 Mar, 2009


i personaly and its only my angle on it,work with nature ie we have snail and slug problems here in blighty but all my plants dont seam to suffer though.ive lost a few but learn bye my mistakes.depends how much you want these plants realy .if you look on my photos at them you can see i have quite healthy diverse plants.i know we are in completly different parts of the plannet but commen sense is commen sense not saying that is your answer but it is a valid answer it works for me.anyway i hope that helped take care bye for now

22 Mar, 2009

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