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how to re-plant a plum tree

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hi can some one give me advice on re-planting Victoria plum tree.

I used to live in a house which had a well established victoria plu tree which gave me succlecnt plums year after year. so when we moved house, the first thing i did was but a vicyoria plum tree from the garden centre. i planted as advised by the directions, Unfortunatly the tree never established. which i put down to the soil being to wet which is often the case with my back lawn.

As I really wanted a plum tree the following year I bought another baby tree and rather than planting it ib the garden I bought a large terracotta plant pot. to transplant it into. this baby tree is now going into its 2nd year and it has now got plenty of healthy branches which have now started to blossom nicely, but i am worried that being in a 12" diameter plant pot isnt enough room for the roots to grow, but i am also worried the best time to transfere it to the gound and what are the best ground conditions for it to continue to grow



Hi Lisajayne,
Feed your plum tree often throughout this season, with liquid tomato fertilizer. Plant out in the autumn in a well prepared place with good drainage and compost.

22 Mar, 2009


As it is in a pot its when you have the soil prepared really. As it is still early in the season I'd do it now. but Doctorbobs advice is as always sound. but make sure it doesnt dry out as can so often be the case with terracotta pots.

22 Mar, 2009

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