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By Woggles

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

My 2 year old victoria plum tree's leaves have started turning yellow and dropping off why? In spring it had fish blood and bone and has been kept watered to establish HELP!!

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Is your soil heavy or light? Too heavy a soil and over watered can cause root rot.

20 Aug, 2010


Older leaves, or new growth? Probably dryness, and the tree shedding what it doesn't need. You've had enough rain up there, I believe, but it has been dry, generally this year, and plants have struggled. When you water, is it by the bucketful, which it should be, or a can or two? Always better to water properly (4 gal per sq metre), and leave for a few days or more before repeating, than to water little a day which quickly evaporates.
Phil J

20 Aug, 2010

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