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brugmansia care - leaves keep falling off

my plants leaves keep going yellow then fall off, later they grow again but then it happens again

On plant Brugmansia suaveolens



Hi Terry if this the plant Im thinking of also known as angels trumpet with white or orange trumpet like blooms? Assume you growing in conservatory are you able to keep temperature pretty constant? My book recommends min temp of 5 deg C - 40 F during winter . As not in full growing season doubt if feeding and watering a major problem yet. Sure you know what hungry plants they are. Can be pruned if becoming unruly in spring perhaps this plus a liquid tomato feed and check on temp would help. All this assumes a lot esp got right plant if not sorry sure someone put us both right in that case.

9 Apr, 2008


i agree its probably a brugmansia. my problem last july+ was yelowing of leaves i thought it was feeding problem, but mine turned out to be in to bright spot. i moved it and it cheered up very quickly.


9 Apr, 2008


thanks bonkerbon and sandra, shall move to shade, and check winter temperature
terry c

11 Apr, 2008


Brugmansia ( daturas) are very prone to red spider attacks which make the leaves go yellow. Check the underside of the leaves with a magnifying glass.

14 Apr, 2008


HI I have 2 very large Angels Trumpets (4yrs old)... I tend to start feeding the around now with tomato feed & throughout the summer once a week...I am just going to transfer mine into larger pots.. I water mine first think in a morning & last thing at night...they drink gallons in the summer... mine died off about end of october last year & was very reluctant to cut them back but had to as we were moving (over 6ft tall) over winter I cover them with a old quilt cover to keep the frosts off & put them in a corner of the garden where it is a little bit sheltered. I will find some pictures of mine last summer & put them on with my photos.... They are also great to take cuttings from & root very quickly. have had a problem with the leaves turning yellow but just pull them off & as sandra says move them from a full south facing garden as they do like a bit of shade & cool

16 Apr, 2008



26 Jun, 2009



26 Jun, 2009

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