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pic of plant unknown


By Chezs

west midland, United Kingdom Gb

what is the name of this plant, it is slightly scented with yellow flowerand thorns on the stems with black berries..




This is a Mahonia, not too sure of the variety though

9 Apr, 2008


Thank you again for the information on this plant..Andrearichter..chezs

9 Apr, 2008


Looks very much like Mahonia Aquilfolium (mountain grape holly).

9 Apr, 2008


Agree with Poppy aka Oregon Grape - the plant not Poppy . The person not the plant.

9 Apr, 2008


Spot on Bonkers!

9 Apr, 2008


thank to all for the answer.....chezs

9 Apr, 2008


You now know that almost everyone on this site is mad, Chezs, sorry about that - however, you will eventually get the right answer to your questions!!! Just enjoy... :-)

9 Apr, 2008


Already has the right answer!

9 Apr, 2008


Hold on Spritz you setting yourself up as the sane one . Please read Muddy boots blog Chezs and draw your own conclusions.
Hurt by that Spritz bonkers all day every day but mad?

9 Apr, 2008


Excuse me, Bonkers, please re-read my message - I did say 'everyone' and that obviously does not leave me out, does it? For 'mad' substitute 'bonkers' if you like...and don't be hurt. Sorry sorry sorry if you are! :-(

10 Apr, 2008


What a lot of prima donnas we have on site now, grow up. The photo of the mahonia has come out a bit blue camera fault I think.

12 Apr, 2008


WYEBOY prima donnas you say their a fault in my camera NOW I THINK NOT BOY Ha ha !!!!!..chezs

12 Apr, 2008


If you have a Mahonia with leaves of that colour ,you have some thing very special and should get it registered immediately!!!

14 Apr, 2008

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