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By Spoggy

surrey, United Kingdom Gb

Im still kicking myself as ive read untill im blue in the face on how to do this.
I have planted my earlies and second earlies which looked fantastic, until it dawned on me that i have only spaced the rows a foot apart.What problems will i encounter on planting them so close together?



Hi Spoggy,
Don't worry, this has been done before.
You will have to earth up on top of your present ground, earth/compost, if you don't the potatoes will be on top of the ground, exposed to the sun and will go green, which will make them inedible.

15 Mar, 2009


Your main problem is likely to be that the potatoes get mixed in between the two rows. When you come to harvest them take the first earlies from the outside of their row and be careful to not disturb the second earlies.

15 Mar, 2009

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