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Hi All,

Has anyone seen a new russian type of Marigold that has lime green flowers ? | just bought some from a seller on Ebay that claims they are a new F1 type ( A proper seed packet )




it looks similar to vanilla that came out a few years ago.
It will be interesting to see if they are in an innerfoil sachet.
keep us informed.

13 Mar, 2009


Hi Seaburngirl,

I have already recieved them, they were properly packeted and was in an innerfoil pack, no doubt they are authentic, problem is there was only 6 seeds in the pack, i kinda got ripped off, and with them being F1`s i dont know what type they will grow into when i collect the seeds from these

13 Mar, 2009


Oh, and i have african marigold Vanilla, cant wait to see these 2 blooming side by side, im thinking it will be a striking show............

13 Mar, 2009


f1's tend to be expensive and they wont come true from seed but they might be interesting. some f1 flowers wont even set seed :o(
i bought petita cucumber £2.50 for 5 seeds so i know what you mean. but they are labour intensive to produce and keep pure.
they vanilla and lime should look good together. take some photos in the summer. watch out for slug damage though peedee

13 Mar, 2009


Yes, i`ll keeping little pots of beer around the garden ( what a waste !!! ) that should keep the slugs n snails occupied hopefully

13 Mar, 2009

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