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when can I move my Camillia

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

we moved house 2 years ago and brought our camillia with us,the soil is more clay than the original and it doesn't seem to be thriving where it is, would moving it help?



I don't know if they mind being moved. It probably does mind your more clay-ey soil though. Dress it with ericaceous compost, definitely. When we moved here there was (is) a beautiful red camellia near the house, and previous gardeners had put a discreet kind of upright cage of rabbit/chicken wire around it. Originally I thought this was for support, but now I think it is also so that they could just top up this one area with the right compost for acid-loving plants.
Someone else on the site can probably advise you on feeding, though I don't feed ours and it seems happy.

14 Mar, 2009

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