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climbing rose for front of cottage


By Bryony

United Kingdom Gb

Hi, I would like to achieve that traditional look of a rose growing up the front of my cottage. I have a few questions as I am a novice.

-If you imagine the house as a very typical oblong shape with a door squarely in the middle and two windows either side, should the rose be planted in the far corner to grow diagonally across the house or next to the door to grow more sharply upwards?

- I have bought the yellow climber 'Golden Showers', is this suitable or would a rambler have been better? Or should I plant both?

-How are these roses usually supported? There is not much for one to climb against right now.

-The house is South facing, does that affect which side I should plant the rose on?

phew! lots of questions!

Thanks for any help or opions :)



As you require a uniform shape, get another Golden shower. Plant one each side of the door, south facing, the light on them should be equal. Put in wall ties with strong wires in a shape right up the wall for growth for years to come. Do not tie in your new roses straight up, tie in at an angle.
Good luck, I am sure it will turn out well.

13 Mar, 2009


As Docbob says, the more horizontal the shoots are trained, the better, as they will produce more shoots and so you get a framework in time.

13 Mar, 2009

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