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When to plant out

mid glamorgan, United Kingdom Gb

Hi! Ive just recieved 6 clemetis freckles which I ordered in January. Theyve come well packaged about 5 inches tall so I potted them and put them in my it warm enough for them there and when should I plant them out.



They'll be fine in the greenhouse. If it were me I'd plant them out once the soil has warmed a little - anytime now. If we get more frosts you can always protect with some mulch.etc. but I've planted loads of things over the last few weeks and all are doing well.

13 Mar, 2009


Thanks! As they r young I was afraid to put them out but Ive got a few things to put out so mayb il start now on the weekend. :)

13 Mar, 2009


Harden off placed outside, cover if frost is forecast, plant out in permanent place in two or three weeks.

13 Mar, 2009


If it were me, I'd pot them on, leave them in a coldframe or in a sheltered place (with frost protection if necessary) then plant them out when they reach a better size - in well-nourished soil, deeply, as Clematis are greedy feeders and planting deeply is an insurance against wilt. I do think that with Clematis, they do better if they are grown on for a while.

13 Mar, 2009


I agree with Sprizhenry. Had a talk from Chris Cocks of Taylors Clematis nr Doncaster last Tuesday. He said the plants needed to be two years old and the roots to fill a 2 litre pot before planting out in the garden. If not they would just die as they are too small to survive and need protection. see for more info

13 Mar, 2009

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