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What is this plant and why is it dying?

Korea, Republic of Kr

Hello, I would love some help with this plant problem. I was given this plant as a gift. I don't know what the name of this plant is or of I need to do something speical to it... parts of it keep going brown, dry and brittle. I cut these parts off but sooner or later more parts start to die.
Why is this happening? What should I do? I don't want my plant to die!
Thank You very much in advance.




Hi Joella - I think that this is a Parlour Palm, probably Neanthe bella, also known as Chamaedores elegans. It is normal for the lowest leaves to turn brown, and you are right to cut them off - don't pull them. If the other leaves were also brown, then the plant is being over-watered, but it looks fine and healthy in your photo. You can mist it if the room is warm, and keep the compost slightly moist, not wet, as the roots will then rot. They don't like draughts and thrive away from bright sun, in a shady corner of the room.

Good luck - I'm sure it will be OK.

5 Apr, 2008


Hi Joella - Spritz is right, and another common cause of leaf browning is central heating! as spritz has said they like a bit of moisture in the air if poss humidity - not lots of water in the base! so my question is - is it near a radiator or boiler as this is dry air. if so move it well away, and as spritz has said try misting the leaves regually. the very best thing you could do for this plant is move it into the bathroom, if you have room for it - it will thrive in bathroom conditions!

6 Apr, 2008


hi joella, we have one of these on our first floor landing, it is away from direct sunlight not near a radiator or any draughts and is doing great. one tip, when you water , which is not too often, stand the pot in several inches of water for a good few hours and then drain well before putting back , also feed it once or twice a year, good luck!!

7 Apr, 2008

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