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goosberry thief!


By Martine

west Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone help, last two years my gooseberry plants start to fruit then get the fruits dissappear! sometimes they have a downy appearance. next door either side of me have neglected their bushes for years as they are elderly yet theres are always heavy with fruit.Why do mine dissapear? cant see any critters on them?

On plant Ribes uva-crispa (Gooseberry)



It sounds like gooseberry mildrew and that your neighbours are getting all the best bits!
All gooseberries more so an old bush like to have a heavy handed prune, the bush needs to be opened up in the centre (by pruning) to allow air to get in and in turn promote new healthy growth and of course healthy fruit.Hope still helps. If I'ave got it wrong I'm sure someone will put you

6 Apr, 2008

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