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Name that Daff part 2

essex, England Eng

and this little lovely is moving into my garden from underneath next doors decking - can't say i mind at all - pointless asking my neighbour as he is not a gardener at all - well who would put decking over this!!! - i ask you lol - anyway can't find it any where in my books and would love to know the variety it stands approx 2ft tall single creamy white petals with small shallow golden yellow cups, and the petals have a bit of a wavey effect - if that makes sence, flowers are approx 2.5 - 3" accross. any ideas?




How pretty - and what a bonus! I'll try to ID them if poss. Are they fragrant?

4 Apr, 2008


thanks spritz, and yes but it's suttle.

4 Apr, 2008


The one that meets the criteria best is called 'Jingle Bells' Of course I can't be sure - another possible is 'Tuesday's Child' but I don't think that the description is as near as 'Jingle Bells'.

4 Apr, 2008


thanks Spritz, i'll have a look at that one on google - nice name is'nt it.

4 Apr, 2008


This must be the loveliest daff I've ever seen - and a great pic of it, too! . Looks like those kiddies foil windmills. Can't help with ID, but sounds and looks like Spritz's "Jingle Bells". Jingle Bells - in April? Whoever gave a narcissus such a name must have been "daff as a broom", so to speak. Or is this saying a bit too local?

4 Apr, 2008


lol oh yes we say it here too, and they are really unusal arnt they, i've been chatting so have'nt looked on google yet, so will go do that now and get back to ya!

4 Apr, 2008

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