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Name that Daff......

essex, England Eng

i have loads of them popping up and can't find them in my book - anyone know the variety of this one..

this one is about 18" high 2-3 flowers on each stem, flowers are approx 1.5" accross creamy white petals and shallow orange cup. anyone know it?




You do post challenges, don't you! Will try. Is this one fragrant?

4 Apr, 2008


lol - well it's gonna be a challenge is a florist is asking the variety of a flower, i can't find in any wholesale books, or dutch books as well as the normal sources, so was kinda hoping someone on here might be growing them or know it anyway. mmmmm smell! - not sure - hold on and i'll go have a sniff!........ooooohhhh yes, - fantasic and quite strong!

4 Apr, 2008


I think there are something like 20,000 varieties of daffodil and you expect us to know this one? Hmmmm - lol

4 Apr, 2008


Sorry, no luck at all with this one. No descriptions match it. I have various catalogues but just haven't got time to wade through the pictures even for you, my dear!

4 Apr, 2008


not at all, would'nt expect any of you to go hunting to that extreme! - i know that we all like a challenge, but there is challenge and there is CHALLENGE! lol lets face it guys i have plenty of books myself - some of which are dutch whole sale catalogues with pages of narcissus and tulip ect. but they are not listed, so i would be suprized if anyone would be able to find them in a book, but i was hoping that maybe someone on here might just know the variety or be growing it - worth a go is'nt it? and Andrew are you saying that i have actually got you with this one??????? lol - wel there you go worth asking this question just to catch Andrew out!!! lol - oh and by the way i sowed some of the lily seeds you sent me the other day, - no movement as yet but i am a bit worried now as we have such awful weather forcast - they are in my unheated greenhouse, do you think the'll be ok?

4 Apr, 2008


Unheated greenhouse will be fine - they wouldn't get protection like that in the wild

5 Apr, 2008

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