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I am thinking about making a strawberry patch this year , it will be in a raised bed , how far apart should I plant the strawbs and I believe there's something about raising the soil when planting also do you actually put straw down when the strawberries appear.



I use chicken pellets on my containers (a raised bed is just a large container) then cram strawbs in like there was no tomorrow. In a large raised bed I would give them about 9 inches or a foot between plants. I think it is really a matter of how much you feed and water Mac.

Straw is used simply to keep the fruit off the soggy soil where they get wet and rot or insects get at them etc. You could just as easily use something else. I have even seen strawberry mats for sale but wouldn't personally go that far.


7 Mar, 2009


cheers John ,I have the raised bed and chicken pellets so most likely head out tomorrow for strawberry plants , just plant em and wait

7 Mar, 2009


Hi Mac~ straw is also used to prevent soil splatter when it rains. I have mine 9 " apart. when they put their runners out late summer pot them up ready to replace this years plants.

7 Mar, 2009

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