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Very poorly lawn

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I recently decided that after living in this house for a year (and giving up on the DIY long ago) it was time to tackle the small lawn (about 20 - 25 sq.m). I've mown, "weed and fed", scarified and aerated. Unfortunately there's now not much live growth left and it felt like there were lots of rocks a couple of inches below the surface!

My plan is to rake in some fertiliser and sow some seeds mixed with lawn sand a few days later. Will buying some bags of top soil and keep raking that on top help? And if so how much should I use and how often?

As you can probably see I'm new to all this. After 5 hours of work today I did wonder if I'd have been quicker and better digging out whats there and ordering in some top soil and turf!



Grass is very nice but by the description of your I would get rid of grass and have pretty gravel see the 'photo of my small garden,less work and no maintenance!!!

5 Jun, 2007


You're not the first to suggest that, but I'd really rather have grass. We like the bees, butterflys, birds, etc that frequent the lawn. Currently have a blackbird that follows me round whenever he thinks I might disturb some food :)

I'll let you know how the grass growing goes this year. If it fails I'll dig it out over the winter and get it properly prepared for another try next year. The exercise is all good!

6 Jun, 2007


I normally try to re-seed about September time - because the soil is warm so it starts off the seeds and then gives plenty of time for it to grow before the cold of the winter. I too prefer grass, although it depends on how much you have, by the sounds of it you have the inclination to look after it - go for it!

6 Jun, 2007


I would hire a turf cutter to remove it all, then a rotovater to clear the ground, rake off stones, add some home made compost or bought stuff or a few tons of decent top soil, then chuck grass seed down. Do it in September if you have time between now and then, otherwise May is good.

10 Jun, 2007


It sounds like you have done all you can apart from starting again. When we hired a scarifier and did ours it looked horrendous but it did recover and now looks ok, apart from the odd daisy and dandelion which we can live with.

16 Jun, 2007


I'd quite like some daisys an dandelions. I think I might now go for starting again in September as previous posters have recommended. I planted the seeds just before my garden, and house were flooded on Thursday. I don't suppose it would do them any harm, if they're still in my garden somewhere!! :(

17 Jun, 2007


I don't think the seeds stayed in the garden when it went under a few feet of water. I think I might put in some back work to dig out the stones and break up the soil, dump a few tons of top soil and turf/seed it later in the summer. How do I calculate how much soil I need?

22 Jun, 2007

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