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greenhouse heater


By Adamg40

staffordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I need a heater for an 8x6 greenhouse can anyone recomend anything, is electric the better one and is it costly to run?



Hi Adam - electric heaters are definitely the best and easiest to run. You need to get one with a thermostat so you can keep your greenhouse at the optimum temp you need. Yes, they do push the bill up, but you don't have to worry about filling up paraffin heaters, which also cause trouble with condensation!

I keep my greenhouse frost-free - my husband says he notices the rise on the bill, but it is worth it for peace of mind and practicality. I just went to the GC and got one, it cost about £30 I think (in autumn 2007)

6 Mar, 2009


thanks for the advice

6 Mar, 2009


I have a small convection heater to keep mine free of frost and i use it on economy seven. thats cheaper too. The cable is run through a protective cable casing into the outplace where the socket is.

6 Mar, 2009


Hi Adam its me.............Depending on how much of the g/house you want to heat. Electric is by far the best, with a thermostat control., a..because they cause less condensation and dont have to worry about the parafin fumes.. Come winter , by the time you have bubble wrapped the greenhouse, I presume you will, You could, if you just have a few plants you want to keep warm, maybe even get a get a mini greenhouse, like you get in the cheap stores such as QD and the like set that up inside the g/house. then you could put the heater at the base of that for warmth and just keep the rest frost free with the bubble wrap.......

6 Mar, 2009


thankyou all for the info

6 Mar, 2009

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