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Should I cut the dead flowerheads from my agapanthus

Wellington, New Zealand

I live in New Zealand and have just moved into a house with lots of Agapanthus which have now finished flowering. I want to know whether I should cut them back or leave the flower heads on.

On plant Agapanthus africanus



its a matter of taste. i leave mine on as they look pretty [in my opinion ] when they get frosted. I have also raised them from seed gathered in the autumn and found i get a range of blue colours. so its up to you.

5 Mar, 2009


There is also the question of whether agapanthus are naturalising in New Zealand. If so, they are displacing the native flora in the wild and should be deadheaded in gardens to prevent the problem becoing worse

6 Mar, 2009


Good point Andrew.

6 Mar, 2009

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