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can i plant seed potatoes (new) now

oxon, United Kingdom Gb

i hear there may be some frost this weekend, should i wait to after all the frost passes before i can plant these potatoes

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I don't think it makes any difference as long as the ground isn't frozen. They will be as snug as a bug etc. The custom to plant spuds on Good Friday must mean that some years there will be frost after planting. Good luck! P.S. My forecast said 'snow' but temps still above freezing.

4 Apr, 2008


You could wait for a couple of days until this snowy spell passes. There is still plenty time left. Where I am my soil has not really warmed up yet. You won't get much growth until the soil does warm up.Nature has a wonderful way of catching up!!!

5 Apr, 2008


I planted First Earlies a few weeks ago and covered the soil with a blanket of fleece. The green shoots are through the surface now despite heavy frosts most nights. You may want to consider doing same? Just a suggestion, though, as I'm a first-timer when it comes to potatoes.

5 Apr, 2008


I've gone with the wait and see brigade - Good Friday was very early this year so I'll see if it warms up a bit next weekend. Pots are fine if you keep the green shoots covered with soil so the frost doesnt actually get to them - an if you are growing in pots or old compost bags several layers of fleece are needed.

6 Apr, 2008

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