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How to plant seed potatoes?


By Vall

United Kingdom Gb

I've bought some charlotte seed potatoes ready to go in now
Can I just plant them into the earth or do I have to have mounds of earth piled on top.
Can anybody help?
Thanx Vall

On plant Solanum



Plant them with the shoots just below the soil surface c. 18 inches apart. The reason for the spacing distance is that you need to be able to draw surrounding soil up to the foliage as it grows, to ensure that the developing potatoes are always covered. Exposure of the potatoes to sun and light would turn them green and poisonous. An alternative is to heap on soil/compost from another source, as you go along. Best of luck (but I'm no spud expert).

20 Mar, 2008


Better to plant the tubers a spade depths deep than just under the surface. Then as the shoots emerge from the soil cover all but the top two leaves with soil until all danger of frost has passed. 3 fold advantage, no frost damage, no green potatoes and more roots, thus more potatoes.

20 Mar, 2008


thanx for the advice guys I think Ill try owdbuggy's method sounds good

22 Mar, 2008

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