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Would like to put a rose hedge around the house. Which variety would be most suitable for the Northern utah area?


By Hfraug

utah, United States Us

Would like a fast growing, disease resistant variety if possible.



If you want a really easy to care for, disease resistant, hardy rose then I would suggest you look at the Rugosa roses. There are some very lovely fragrant ones and they lend themselves well to hedging. "Hansa" is a fushcia colour and has a fabulous smell. 'Blanc Double de Coubert' is a white rose also with a lovely fragrance. They flower all summer if you deadhead or if your let the flowers fade they will develop lovely fat reddish orange hips in the fall.
My area is quite similar to the area around Salt Lake City and both these roses thrive here with little to no attention.

3 Mar, 2009

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