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Young onion plant problem

Worcester, United Kingdom Gb

The onions I started in pots in the winter are showing good top growth and have roots. Now,I find all of the actual bulbs have gone soft ( rotten ! ).My question is ,will they mature and grow into decent onions ? I do not want to waste the space by planting useless plants. I expected them to be like onion sets after a winter of growing.The tops look healthy.



as the onion grows, new leaves come from the set , the set shrivels as its stored food is used by the new leaves. by the summer the plant will start to make a new store which we then lift as an onion. if you were to lift daffs now the bulb would also be shrivelled. however are they rotten, ie grey/brown and foul smelling? or just shrivelled and still smelling of onion.. i think they are fine and i'd plant them out. next year plant the sets straight into the ground and protect from mice/birds pulling them out.

2 Mar, 2009


Thankyou Seaburngirl for your advice.I will do as you suggest.

2 Mar, 2009

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