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Last year my garden was covered in daffodils, I leave them in the ground. None of them have come up this year, what could the problem be.



alot of my daffs havent put on much growth yet especially in the more exposed part of the garden. dont give up on them yet.
do you cut the folliage back after flowering or do you leave the leaves on to feed the bulbs? if you cut them back they will be sulking and only putting up leaves.
I'd still and wait and see.

27 Feb, 2009


Or .... it could have been slug Nirvana! I hope not. Maybe as Seaburn says, they are sulking.

28 Feb, 2009


'covered in daffodils' indicates that you have a lot in your garden, Marilyn, so I would doubt that anything serious has happened to them all over the winter. I don't know where you live but after this severe winter our later varieties are only just starting to show. Wait a while and see then if still nothing comes up I would suggest that you have had an invasion of mice or voles.

28 Feb, 2009


We lose a lot of daffodils every year to Narcissus fly. Dig up where you know there were bulbs and see if you can find a bulb. If it is soft and squishy then cut it open. If there is a large white maggot inside then you have Narcissus root fly. Sadly there is no cure. About the only thing one can do is to hoe gently over the top of the bulbs when they have died down to cover the hole where the leaves have died. This is where the bee like adult lays its eggs. A good thick mulch does the trick too. Having said that it is unusual to lose ALL ones plants to any cause.

28 Feb, 2009

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