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HI all GOY members.

I want to grow Tomato`s this year in my greenhouse, apart from the usual variety`s ( money maker etc ), can anyone recommend a tasty and visually pleasing variety ?





Any cherry tomato will be good, although they are small they have the best taste they will also ripen quickly. alternatively grow Big Boy or any other beef tomato to impress the neighbours for size.

26 Feb, 2009


A neighbour of my parents has been growing tomatoes in his greenhouse for years and from all those he has tried, he has concluded that Shirley is the very best. I've eaten his crop and they are really gorgeous - really packed with flavour and a medium sized tomato so good for lots of different uses.

Hope this helps

26 Feb, 2009


Paul. Tomatoes are personal taste. The finest tasting in my opinion (I would say humble but about food I am not humble) is the Marmande. It will be fine under glass in Scotland because in France it is outdoor. The only bad news is that ------ have you ever had tomatoes in France?----- it is nobbly, not pretty. Who's bothered? The taste is divine. If you want a good flavoured and visually pleasing one (in a trendy way) go for Cream sausage (awful name) a yellow plum. I love tomato salad made with the two.


26 Feb, 2009


i grow heritage ones such as lemon tree and banana cream both yellow. Vintage wine is a good red. i also grow ailsa craig an oldish variety with a good flavour.

sungold is a cherry it is a soft red/orange colour that produces excellent fruit from july through to october. small juicy and in my opinion full of flavour.

26 Feb, 2009


Thanks to all who answered, this site is a gold mine of info, i`ll keep you all posted on my choice...

26 Feb, 2009


we have planted loads of varietys over the years but my favorite is 'ildi' small yellow ones but they taste so nice and you get75++ per truss....

27 Feb, 2009


Hi All, I grow tomatoes every year but usually stick to Money Maker which I love but I'm wondering if I am missing out. As a child I remember my Dad growing Ailsa Craig and Shirley - do these varieties have more flavour than Money Maker and are they more difficult to grow?

27 Feb, 2009


My Dad also grew Ailsa Craig, Dawn. Shirley also rings a bell but I don't remember it. I think Ailsa Craig (and probably Shirley as well) have superior flavour but don't crop so heavily but are no more difficult to grow. The trouble with modern growing is that people go for quantity not quality (as in many things). Boy am I sounding my age, lol.


28 Feb, 2009


Thanks John, you've jogged my memory now, I seem to remember my Dad saying exactly what you've said. I do love my tomatoes and like how money maker have trusses that are loaded! I usually grow about 30 plants so this time I'll grow a variety: Money Maker, Ailsa Craig, Shirley and a couple of Big Boy. Thanks everyone! I intend setting the seeds next week. I'll remember to label them, lol.

28 Feb, 2009

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